People Development

We will support your employees.

The development of modern technology puts an enormous pressure on people and the person needs to expand completely new competencies in order to hold its own. The support of employees is up to companies. Our development concepts reflect the need of the business and they are sufficiently complex in order to cover not only skills, but also attitudes. We can help you to change thinking of your employees towards personal responsibility ownership of their personal growth and proactive aproach to future challlenges.

People & talent development

Development of Talents

Identification and the work with talents

Today more then ever, motivated and talented people are becoming the biggest competition advantage. The key to continual growth, success and stability is to have the right people at the right positions at the right time. In cooperation with you we will help you to set up effective system of talent identification built on authorized company’s model. We will prepare AC or DC, help you create developmental programmes for talents, set up the system of succession and also methology for measuring the success of your talent strategy so you allow your organization to fulfill long-term sale targets.

Development and Education

Development of leaders, teams and individuals

People are your biggest competition advantage, but only when they are not stagnant. Progress develops by leaps and bounds and therefore it is crucial to allow your employees personal and professional development. This is the only way they use their own potential and your company will benefit in return. We can support your people on various levels. We will set up or make your educational process more effective. We can help you to define key competences of your employees and we can also offer made-to-measure educational programmes suited to your needs. Our instructors can offer not only their lecturing experience and modern methodology, but also their own managerial experience whether it is for salesmen, middle or top management.

Facilitation, Mentoring and Coaching

Decision-making Tools

Our development activities for individuals and teams are made-to-measure from the initial analysis all the way to the final evaluation. Our evaluations are further  supplemented by Belbin analysis, social mapping, psychometry (HOGAN AND CUT-E) and programmes Inner Game by Timothy Gallwey. Crucial part of current developmental concepts are facilitation of workshops, coaching and expert mentoring which support group and individual development.

Training and Development Programmes

We prepare our development programmes made-to-measure to specific needs of the organization. There are certain topics which are current for specific period of time and therefore they are more in demand. For inspiration, here are some of our programmes we are offering.

HR Academy

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Change Management

Change quickly, successfully and permanently

Talent Development

Rocket start for your talents

Train the Trainer

Even the coach must train

Presentation from A-Z

How to really enjoy your presentation

Business Academy

The modern cookbook for your businessmen

Leadership Academy

Successful leadership in a nutshell

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