Executive Search

We will find talented people who will further your business.

It is time-consuming to fulfill the position within the company. We would like to support you throughout the whole process. We will collaborate on the profile of the suitable candidate and we will help you to select the best candidate who will fit best your corporate culture and the team. The selection can be expanded by personal diagnostics. We can help you with interpretation of international diagnostics which we offer to our customers.

Direct Search & Employer Brand

Executive Search

Top Managers Search / Headhunting

Executive positions are specific and their fulfillment requires discretion. For this reason it is good to target not only active, but especially passive candidates, which means those who are not actively searching for a new work opportunity. Within our Executive Search Services we can provide mapping of job market in Bohemia and abroad. We can also offer consistent portfolio of candidates. The whole process is discreet and customer tailored.


Fast Tracking & Targeted Fulfillment of Position

Are you searching for key positions and do you need to fulfill them urgently? Our advantage is the fast search of social media, wide networking and  good personal experiences of internal HR. Our  viewpoint is that we never recommend a candidate who we wouldn’t employ ourselves. We prepare tailor made complex Assessment Centre. Our consultants have years of experience and they are certified in Psychometrics cut-e and HOGAN.

HR Marketing

Building Employer’s Brand

HR Marketing is one of the key areas for all employers. Target of most companies is to attract and retain qualified employees. This is the reason why we help you to set up strong and attractive Brand corporate culture. We will select suitable tools of modern and progressive personal marketing in cooperation with you. Your current and potential employees will comprehend Employee Value Proposition (EVP) you are offering to them.

We Help Them Grow