About Us

We have been your partner during changes and transformation since 2012, because people are the most important element in the process of implementation of changes.

Barbora Stejskalová, Owner

Our Values

We gather key managers and HR skills from which we create flexible teams. We use our own experience from corporations, private sector and from managing our companies. We track new trends and apply practical tools and techniques to current management of companies. We abide by Ethical Codex.

Our Team

Barbora Stejskalová


Renata Hauptfleischová

Senior HR Project Manager

Petra Marzini

Senior HR Project Manager

Eva Machová

Learning & Development Manager

Barbora Musilová Linhartová

Head of Finance

Petra Šimková

Lector & Coach

Iva Pechová

Senior HR Project Manager

Ondřej Štos

Lector & Coach

Jitka Štádlerová

Lector & Coach

Matěj Krejčí

Lector & Coach

Jana Soukupová

Coach, Lector, Trainer

Kveta Uhríková

Lector & Coach

Roman Boháček

Lector & Coach

Rostislav Levíček

Senior Coach

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