Partner for process of changes and transformation

The people are the most important thing in the process of the implementation of changes.

Team Human Garden

Is the growth and stability of your company important to you?
Do you pay enough attention to working with people? Work on change in time. We have specific tools in our company Human Garden and we propose solutions that you can implement yourself or in cooperation with us. The result should be "the Healthy Company".

Our Services

Executive Search

We will find talented people who will further your business.

Digital Innovation

We will connect you with your employees by modern ways of communication.

We Help Them Grow

Our Team

We associate the experts with key management and HR skills, from which we create the flexible teams that aim the essence of the problems in your business.

Barbora Stejskalová


Eva Machová

Managing Director and Head of People Development

Renata Hauptfleischová

Head of Executive Search

Petra Jelínková

Head of Consulting